General Principle

The name of the alliance is “China-Canada Beef Industry Alliance (CCBIA)” and the Chinese name is “中加肉牛产业合作联盟” . The establishment of the alliance is initiated by the Beef Cattle Research Center (BCRC) of China Agricultural University, the Canadian Beef Breeds Council and more beef enterprises.

CCBIA is affiliated to Beef Cattle Research Center (BCRC) of China Agricultural University and adopts a Council system. CCBIA is an unincorporated alliance attended voluntarily by both Chinese and Canadian beef and related enterprises, scientific research institutes, non-governmental organizations and individuals for the purpose of seeking common development and mutual coordination.

CCBIA proactively implements the policies and guidance of agricultural and beef industries of the two countries. In line with the development philosophies of “innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing” and by gathering advantageous scientific and technological resources and promotion power of the two countries, CCBIA constitutes a government-supported, enterprise-oriented, resource-sharing and cooperative and win-win operating mechanism in pursuit of green and sustainable development of the beef industry of the two countries and striving to raise the overall technological level and strength of Chinese beef industry to approach the level of the countries with developed beef industry in 10-15 years.

Main Tasks   

CCBIA members implement beef industry development plans of their own countries, organize investigations on domestic major problems of beef industry, and submit development consultation reports and policy suggestions to governmental authorities of their own countries; For major issues emerging from the development of member enterprises, CCBIA proposes requests and suggestions to relevant governmental departments and institutions, maintaining legitimate rights and benefits of CCBIA members and facilitating sound development of beef industry.

CCBIA introduces, formulates and amends technical regulations and standards which may facilitate development of beef industry in terms of breeding, reproduction, feeding, disease preventing, manure management, safety and welfares, and slaughtering and processing; it also organizes trainings concerning applications of standards and regulations for industrial elites, technical extension personnel and managerial staffs of beef industry and facilitates orderly development of domestic beef industry.

Through establishment of China-Canada demonstration farms, joint laboratories, training centres, technical consultation companies and so forth and establishment of big data system of Chinese beef industry, CCBIA leads Chinese beef enterprises to develop toward high standard, normalization, efficiency, safety and green.

Besides China-Canada beef cooperation, CCBIA also organizes international communication and cooperation activities with other beef industralized countries and beef trading countries, so as to improve the development level of the beef industry of the two countries and efficiency of breeding enterprises.

CCBIA enterprises must comply with relevant laws and regulations of their respective countries. By playing a part of both the leading technology and the enterprise main bodies, the enterprises would complete work tasks assigned by CCBIA.